Photo Essay: New York Is Still Quiet as Coronavirus Cases Start to Peak

Photo by Beatriz Ramos

By Yehudit Mam, Beatriz Ramos

April 8, 2020

As we wander a calm and quiet New York City, we realize that certain things that seemed unprecedented only a week ago now seem utterly normal.

Photos by Beatriz Ramos | Text by Yehudit Mam

The shock of seeing lonely latex gloves lying on the streets has abated. But other things have come into sharp relief: the restful silence that now envelops this city; the almost alpine air and the sounds of birds we didn’t know we had. New York will eventually return to its hustle and bustle, but some things will never be the same. These are snapshots of a moment that seems interminable but is changing very rapidly. In these uncertain times, we trust that our city will rise again. 

Department stores may soon be ancient history. Macy’s is furloughing most of its 125,000 employees.

The country of abundant choice is no more.

Beware what you wish for. May we soon be happy to ride in crowded subway cars again.

Unsolved mysteries: Why do people drop used gloves in the middle of the streets?

Wondering where you can find a cab? The coronavirus delivers the final blow to the troubled New York City Taxi industry.

CDC ads appear on empty streets, preaching to the choir.

After employees were confirmed positive, this Trader Joe’s was closed for disinfection. A week earlier there were lines around the block.

You can kiss glamour goodbye. Are luxury brands boarding up their windows in preparation for potential looting?

Hoop dreams are on hold. The city has taken down the basketball hoops and tennis court nets in all its parks.

Small comfort.



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