Don’t Doubt Cardi B. She’s A Political Powerhouse.

Cardi B is a politcal powerhouse

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By Anjanette Delgado

April 23, 2020

She breaks it down for people with a bit of rap, some hard truths, and a whole lot of plain Afrolatino sense. 

That’s right. Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, a.k.a. Cardi B, is quickly becoming a powerful factor in democratic politics, and a political rockstar to millions who, until recently, knew her only for songs like “Bodak Yellow” and “Please Me.” 

She has declared an interest in running for congress and y’all better hold your smirking, ‘cause I’ve heard it all and I’m having none of that “stay in your lane” stuff we give athletes and other celebrities who exercise their right to talk politics like the rest of us.

“Cardi B? She can’t even conjugate verbs!” 

“You mean the rapper who spreads F bombs like anti-social-distancing protesters spread Coronavirus?” 

“The former stripper from the Bronx who rolls her tongue to say “okay” like she’s Charo?”

Yeah, that one. The same who makes millions not conjugating verbs while conjugating curse words and has a platform that could make a huge difference in whether Democratic party voters unite behind Joe Biden and kick Trump out of the White House later this year. (And she doesn’t say okay. She says, “Okuuuurrrrr,” okay?)

But here is the deal. Here is why I — a woman in my 50s who doesn’t particularly love rap music and seriously injured herself during her first and last pole-dancing class — is listening to Cardi B, and not just on Spotify. Two words: communication skills. 

The beautiful Afrolatina is only 27 and didn’t finish school, but she combines street smarts with unnatural levels of common sense the likes I’ve rarely seen. And she doesn’t just make a point. She hones that thing until it’s a #2 pencil that’s been stuck on an electric sharpener for five minutes. 

Recently, she put her hair up on a towel to call out Bernie supporters for even saying they wouldn’t vote for Joe Biden.

Right away, on the very day Bernie dropped out, before all the “the system cheated Bernie” shit-talk had too much time to spread, she, a die-hard Bernie supporter, reminded people of the hard truth: Bernie dropped out because he didn’t have a path to the nomination; He didn’t have a path to the nomination because less young people voted for him this year than in 2016, and he never expanded his base beyond young people and Latinos. 

But Kulture’s mother wasn’t done. Next, she made a strong case for why we have to vote the man-child currently in the White House out of there, and quick:

“Whoever the f***, but I do not want 45 to be president again. Now, y’all, this shit is VERY f***ng serious, and y’all not taking it motherf***ing serious. Right now, the state that America is in? We got no time to f***ing play around…”

Cardi B then wrapped it all up by going straight for Trump voters with the inverse argument of the president’s diabolical “What do you have to lose?”

“Poor White America that voted for 45, y’all not even getting taken care of. Y’all f***ed up just like us! He lied to you! He lied to you! He lied to you too. You probably don’t even like me because of my nationality or who I am and everything, and you probably going into this mad because your hatred toward my people is so big that you’re not even realizing that you f***ed up in the same f***ed up situation that we in, too, so now what? So now what? Now what we gonna do?” 

That’s how she does it and that’s why, these days, I’ll read the NY Times, and the Post, and, of course, The Americano, but I’ll also do a quick search on Cardi B, hear what she’s thinking about a government shutdown affecting healthcare, about this administration’s handling of the Coronavirus, or just to hear her break it up for people with a bit of rap, some hard truths, and a whole lot of plain Afrolatino sense. 

Now if she would only throw Offset to the curb once and for all. 



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