‘My Children Are on the Frontlines of the Pandemic.’

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By Dora Ginorio-Pizzi

May 5, 2020

“Our goodbyes were full of prayers, worries, and much crying,” Dora has a son in the Air Force and her daughter is a nurse recovering from COVID-19.

When my youngest son, Alan Alexis Miranda, 18, informed me that he would be joining the Air Force, I immediately called his dad, a former military man like his father and three brothers.

“Dora, he’s not going to go to war, I promise you,” he said immediately when he felt my fear.Why wouldn’t he go to war, according to his father? Because his specialty is Drone Operation;  that is, he would not be flying an airplane, but would be responsible for ensuring that the drones are in optimal condition for the pilots who operate them on different missions.

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This information calmed me down a bit, but in my mind and heart, I’m still scared. In fact, when I learned that he was leaving for Basic Training this past January, I knew that nothing would ever be the same. Our goodbyes were full of prayers, worries, and much crying, because I admit I’m a big mother hen. On the other hand, I also want my children to fly high.

We said our goodbyes. A big part of my pain was for the separation, and also for knowing that Basic Training is very strenuous. For two months we only communicated by letter, as people did in the old days, and when we finally spoke, we cried like children. We were supposed to see him in two months and that had us very excited; however, his graduation was canceled due to the  emerging coronavirus pandemic.

However, we could watch the graduation via a link provided to all parents. But still it was very difficult not to be there. Now that he has started to study his specialty, we can talk to him whenever we want, and also do FaceTime. 

Today he looks happy and I am very proud that he has decided to serve this great nation. The peace of mind from believing that nothing will happen to him comes from my great faith in God. This is also how I feel about my daughter Paola, a registered nurse at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Serving in the Frontlines

Paola, 23, is an actress by nature, but she wanted to study a career in nursing and she did. At no time did I fear for her; I only felt an immense pride… until COVID-19 emerged and changed everything.

Pao, as we call her affectionately, was taking care of patients who were ill with this terrible virus.  And then she also became infected. When I received her call last Monday, I was truly scared. Still, I thought, she is very healthy, so why should I worry? But I did worry, because every organism is different.

Since then, I have asked my army of angels on Facebook to pray for her. Now I’m not afraid, just cautious. We talk all the time on FaceTime and although she has bad days, I know she will get out of this and return to the hospital to continue saving lives.


I am very proud of my children for deciding to take care of us and protect us; for deciding to serve this country, something that we need so much during these very difficult times.




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