Meet Arianna Lint, the Fierce Warrior Who Took on Transphobia in Florida and Won

Arianna Lint

Image courtesy of Arianna Lint

By Giselle Balido

May 15, 2020

The young student shamed in front of the class for being too “feminine,” transformed into a fierce warrior for the transgender communities in Florida and Puerto Rico.

José Antonio Inurritegui Lint had the perfect reply when his Law professor stopped him in the middle of a presentation to say his voice was too feminine. “There are no maricón lawyers in Peru,” the professor irately told the student standing in front of the class.

“Excuse me, professor,” she replied. “If there are no gay lawyers in Peru, I will be the first one.”

That defiant core of inner strength comes from her mother, whoever since Arianna was a child, inculcated in her the strong belief that no one has the right to discriminate against anyone. José failed that class due to his professor’s homophobia, but after moving to the U.S., Arianna, a triumphant, vibrant transgender woman was born. Since then, she has been making progress for the LGBTQ transgender community, especially trans people living in the South.

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Today, Arianna Lint is the Executive Director of Arianna’s Center, a community-based organization that provides advocacy, education and training, case management and linkage to care for transgender men and women in South Florida and Puerto Rico. She is a part of the National Board of PositivelyTrans, Translatina Coalition, The Well Project, and FLUX.

The law graduate of Universidad de San Martín de Porres describes herself as a refugee from Lima, Peru. She has spoken at dozens of trans and HIV-related conferences and consulted for the HRC and CDC, Arianna is also an outspoken advocate for transwomen living with HIV and the need of expanding PrEP access to the transgender community, as well as a U=U World Ambassador. 

A Labor of Love and Justice

Arianna’s Center is the only direct service and advocacy organization based in South Florida, led by a trans Latina openly living with HIV. It provides free mobile HIV testing, matches clients to care and prevention, as well as case management to help with name changes, referrals for legal support, and provides overall linkage to medical and mental health care.

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“We also provide emergency safe housing for trans women in distress and those released from incarceration and ICE detention. We provide scholarships for GED and technical school as well as coaching to help trans women enter the workforce,” she says.

On the advocacy front, her center trains trans women of color and LGBTQ+ people to become activists and help educate elected leaders at all levels of government on issues and policies that are vital to the lives of people of trans experience.



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