PHOTOS: Protests Erupt In NYC After George Floyd Murder


Images via Beatriz Ramos for The Americano

By Yehudit Mam, Beatriz Ramos

May 29, 2020

Minutes after the arrest and prosecution with 3rd-degree murder of the officer involved in Floyd’s death, New Yorkers joined protesters around the country to demand justice. This is what we saw.

Photos by Beatriz Ramos for The Americano. Text by Yehudit Mam.

Police Officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter Friday afternoon. Protests started to intensify nationwide after hearing the charges. New Yorkers took the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn to also demand justice for George Floyd.

A crew of reporters led by Omar Jiménez was also arrested Friday morning and eventually released, followed by a public apology by Minnesota’s governor Tim Walz directed at CNN’s president Jeff Zucker. The protest against police brutality took place Friday afternoon at around 4 pm.  

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New Yorkers started to gather at Foley Square in downtown Manhattan, in front of N.Y. State Supreme Court Building and then stopped in front of the Criminal Courts Building, and the Manhattan detention center known as the Tombs. 

Another group of protesters also gathered in Downtown Brooklyn around the same time.

Collective chants, signs claiming justice, face masks with “I can’t breathe” written all over were seen for blocks. The manifestation got heated as the police tried to enforce distancing, and The Americano witnessed the arrest of a young Black man.

This is what we saw.

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