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Our coverage of Pride Month begins with the celebration of irrepressible figures in Latino arts and culture. They fought for equality and LGBTQ+ rights while claiming their identity. And they did so while producing great art. Meet these four Latino pioneers.

Video by Marcelo Báez. Script by José Simián and Marcelo Báez.

While the country is in flames with protests claiming racial equality and the end of police abuse against Black people, Pride Month has begun again — the commemoration of a fight for equality that started with the 1969 Stonewall riots. And in to counter these grim times, we devote the new installment of our video series to celebrate four icons in the Latino world who left their mark fighting for equality while claiming their identity and producing great art.

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So from music to acting to literature, let’s revel in the irrepressible and irreducible spirits of Chavela Vargas, Bola de Nieve, Bibi Andersen, and Pedro Lemebel. Today may not be the happiest of Pride Month’s kick-off, but the fight for LGBTQ rights deserves to be honored. Please watch.

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