WATCH: This Is How Boricuas Are Uniting to Say Black Lives Matter

Puerto Ricans Black Lives Matter

By José M. Simián

June 8, 2020

Video and script by Victoria Leandra

From Loíza to New York, Puerto Ricans are joining the fight against racism and police brutality the best way they know: protesting with music.

With the demonstrations against police racism and brutality ending their second week, the social movement sparked by the killing of George Floyd shows no signs of fading out. As a matter of fact, the protests have extended from the mainland to Puerto Rico and beyond.

Joining forces with Nuyoricans that danced bomba in Manhattan, Boricuas on the island joined in solidarity with the movement. Protesters in San Juan defied the curfew, while demonstrators in Loíza staged a vigil to honor Adolfina Villanueva, a 34-year-old mother of six-shot to death by Puerto Rican police officers trying to evict her from her land in 1980.

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Meanwhile, Univision in Miami is facing criticism for a segment aired on May 30, in which anchor and reporter Mario Vallejo blamed acts of looting and violence near Biscayne Boulevard on “Hispanic Whites… from Puerto Rico.” Vallejo did not provide any evidence to support his claims.

Members of the Puerto Rican community of South Florida and of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) reached out to Univision demanding a retraction, to no avail.

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