WATCH: Things You Didn’t Know About Sábado Gigante

By Marcelo Baez

July 3, 2020

Week after week, Latinos tuned in to watch Sábado Gigante on their TV. But, how much do we know about what happened behind the scenes of the record-breaking show?

Script by José Manuel Simian | Edited by Marcelo Baéz

El Chacal de la Trompeta, La Cuatro, “el flamante automóvil”…With over 53 years on air, Sábado Gigante holds the Guinness world record for being the longest-running variety TV show in the world, so it’s really not surprising that it became a cultural touchpoint for all Latinos.

Week after week, millions of fans would tune in Saturday evening to be entertained with musical appearances of their favorite artists, funny contests, and comedy sketches. But did you know that the first version of the show was canceled? Or that Mario Kreutzberger, aka Don Francisco, was a Jewish immigrant whose father wanted him to be a tailor?

Check out the video above for the full Sábado Gigante story.

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