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Singer Camila Cabello is giving fans an incentive to register to vote in the upcoming general elections. 

Camila Cabello, the “Señorita” pop star, has teamed up with HeadCount, a national non-profit organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy in the United States, to make sure her fans are registered to vote. If they show proof of registration on the website, they could win the opportunity to chat directly with her. 

“Guys voting is our best path to making real long term change in this country,” Cabello wrote on Instagram. “I promised to keep using my platform to take action and make change, so I’m working with @headcountorg to help register voters and help make that happen. Text VOTER CAMILA to 40649 to register to vote, check your status, and see who’s on your ballot. Plus, you can enter to win a video chat with me. I’ll be chatting with a winner every month until October.”

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During the primary elections that took place on June 9, Cabello urged her fans to make their voices be heard by voting. She said as a spokesperson for HeadCount she wants to “help support their effort to register voters across the US and to also bring focus to state and local elections because in order to get the real and lasting change we need to elect the right officials who will represent the things that are important to us,” she wrote. “Like former President Obama said, protests and voting! We need BOTH. Let’s do this, guys !!!!!!”

Other artists working with the organization include Ariana Grande, Dead & Company, Jonathan Van Ness, Dave Matthews Band, Beyoncé, Maggie Rogers, and Panic! At The Disco, among others. The organization also registers people to vote at concerts, including more than 1,000 live events each year. Since 2004, HeadCount has registered more than 600,000 people.


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Cabello has been using her social media platform to also be an advocate for DREAMers and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 

On June 19, when the Supreme Court ruled against President Donald Trump’s attempt to end DACA, Cabello praised their order. 

“Mi gente! What a day! The Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration couldn’t immediately proceed with its plan to end DACA- the DACA announcement was made by President Obama in 2012 to protect kids aka “Dreamers” who came to the US as children.”

She also used that moment to share with fans her own immigration story and that of family. 

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“I relate so much to these Dreamers because my story is just like theirs. My Mama and Papa brought me to the United States when I was 7 years old. I can’t imagine living with the fear of being deported when the US has been my home for all the life I can remember… There are 700,000 kids in the US with the same story, who grew up here, had their childhood here, got an education here, they’re our friends, neighbors, and colleagues. We still have a lot of work to do in protecting them, but this is an amazing victory. Their home is HERE.”