‘Despierta América’ Host Alan Tacher Tests Positive for COVID-19

Alan Tacher

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By Araceli Cruz

July 16, 2020

The cast of Univisión’s ‘Despierta América’ is also awaiting results of their COVID-19 tests.

This morning, Alan Tacher, the Mexican television host of the popular Spanish-language show Despierta América, revealed that he and his wife, actress Cristy Bernal, tested positive for the coronavirus. 

Tacher appeared from his house and said on the morning show that he’s not sure where he contracted COVID-19. Tacher said he has had the same routine, even on the set of Despierta América — which tapes in Miami, a COVID hot zone — and added that transmission could have occurred at a restaurant. 

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“I’m always social-distancing,” Tacher said. “Always wearing a mask. Always well-protected, washing my hands. I’m just not sure how this happened. 

Tacher added that he had mentioned to people that he felt something in his throat and that when he inhaled that it was a bit more challenging to breathe. 


Bernal said her symptoms began suddenly. She started getting body pains, but initially, they didn’t think it could be COVID-19. Despite having been cautious and only having mild symptoms, they decided to get tested on Saturday. Tacher said that the doctor even commented that they looked great and were probably worried about nothing. But on Sunday, Bernal began to lose her sense of smell and taste, and Tacher started getting intense headaches all day long. The couple said each day they experience a different kind of mild symptom. 

“But we want the public to know just because we have mild symptoms right now we’re always worried it can worsen,” Bernal said. 

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Tacher said, for now, he and his wife are completely isolated and have left their children with their grandmother. He added that his older children, while they have not displayed any symptoms, will be tested today, and said that everyone who’s been in contact with them should get tested. Tacher has three older children with ex-wife Lois Andrea Silvana. In 2015, Tacher married Bernal. The couple has two small children together.

“This is not a game,” Tacher said. His wife added, emotionally, that the hardest part is that she is always worried that the symptoms can worsen. The couple said they would get re-tested in 15 days.


Miami-Dade County’s Dire Situation

Coronavirus cases continue to surge in Florida. The New York Times reports that 301,802 have tested positive with COVID-19, and 4,520 people have died

The Miami Herald reports that nine staff members that work at the Miami television station — WPLG “have tested positive in recent days, including anchors Louis Aguirre and Nicole Perez as well as meteorologist Betty Davis, has been hospitalized.”

“Despierta América” isn’t the only show that has gone back to filming on a set. “Good Morning America” and the “Today” show have also gone back to a more typical filming schedule on the set. However, some anchors do appear to be filming from home. Other shows, including “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” remain shooting from home.


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