‘Personal for Me’: Aubrey Plaza Gets Real About Why She Supports Joe Biden


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By Araceli Cruz

August 6, 2020

The Puerto Rican actress got funny and serious when discussing why Americans need to vote Trump out of office.

Aubrey Plaza eagerly discussed Joe Biden’s newly revealed Latino plan yesterday during a Zoom session with like-minded Latinas. The Puerto Rican actress, notably known for her starring role in “Parks and Recreation,” hosted a Todos con Biden virtual campaign event and chatted alongside CEO and President of Voto Latino María Teresa Kumar, Vice President of Advocacy for FWD.US Alida García, Executive Director of Latino Victory Mayra Macías. 

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“We know him as ‘Joe,'” Plaza jokingly said as she explained to viewers that she and Joe go way back because, just like the former vice president, she’s also from Delaware. 

“I met Joe twenty years ago,” Plaza explained. “I was 16 when I met him for the first time. I was a representative for the Joe Biden Youth Leadership conference in Delaware. Despite what people may think of me, I was very active as a teenage youth. I was not the April Ludgate that people probably think,” she said, referring to her “Parks and Recreation” character. 

Before discussing the Latino agenda that Biden released yesterday, Plaza shared that several years ago, Biden gave a tour of the White House to the cast of “Parks and Recreation.” Plaza said she swiped a note that Biden had on his desk, which had her name. “I still think the secret service is going to come after me.” 

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Plaza’s tone got serious when discussing how terribly President Donald Trump has treated Latinos throughout the years.

“It feels like every day, our community is being attacked by the Trump administration. We’ve all seen how he has tried to demonize us and divide us,” she said.

 “These issues are personal for me,” Plaza said. “I watched him demonize people like mine in Puerto Rico. I still have family in Puerto Rico. He left millions there to suffer by withholding aid after Hurricane María, and he is bringing the same neglect to the rest of Americans.”

García said that Biden shows respect for Latinos and his agenda reflects that. 

“In Vice President Biden, we have someone who operates with a common decency that we aren’t starting the conversation with someone that sees us as less than because that’s what I feel the last four years have been,” García said. “With Biden, we’ll have a partner that our community really deserves.”

García said one of the most important things she likes from Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is that he has promised a roadmap to citizenship for nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants on his first day of office. “He recognizes that this community has fought for these policies, and enough is enough,” she said. 

García also added that she likes how the Biden campaign acknowledges the increase in Latino children. Over a quarter of K-12 public school students are Latino. 

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“[Joe] really sees us as the future of this country,” García said. 

The Latinas also discussed their excitement about Biden’s education plan, which includes making high-quality education accessible to all Latinos and making public colleges and universities tuition-free for all students whose family incomes are below $125,000. 

Aubrey finished her talk by asking the Latinas on her panel how they are finding hope in today’s world. Kumar said that the surge in registration from young Latino voters after the death of George Floyd helped her to see that change is possible. Macías said she’s hopeful when she hears the conversations happening within family units.

“I find so much encouragement in the leaders that are stepping up,” Macías said. “Our local leaders are centering our communities that are most at risk, and that gives me hope because it shows me that people are paying attention.” 

“We only have 90 days until the election,” Plaza said. “So join us in helping Joe Biden’s campaign because it will help all of us.”


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