Latino Leaders: GOP Is Enabling Trump’s ‘Ideology of White Supremacy’


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By Araceli Cruz

August 28, 2020

“Make no mistake: bigotry is on the ballot this November,” said one of the leaders.

Leaders from four Latino organizations are denouncing the Republican Party as complicit in President Trump’s “racism, and the ideology of white supremacy.” The coalition issued a statement that calls on GOP leaders to take a stand against Trump and work for “an inclusive and unified society, and a better and more diverse future for the country.”

The leaders of the four organizations that issued the self-described “indictment” were UnidosUS Action Fund‘s President Janet Murguía, Voto Latino‘s Managing Director Danny Friedman, League of United Latin American Citizens‘ (LULAC) National President Domingo Garcia, and Mi Familia Vota‘s Executive Director and CEO Hector Sanchez Barba.

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“President Trump is again taking the low road in politics of playing the race card and using Latinos as political piñatas,” Garcia said in a statement. “His constant damning indictment of Muslims, Blacks and Latinos divides America. LULAC sees the diversity of the United States as the very heart of what makes ours the strongest moral country in the world.”

The Latino organization leaders listed several ways the Republican party has worsened under the leadership of Trump, including the following actions: 

  • Enabling the president to unconstitutionally subvert the Census, breaking a previously nonpartisan covenant that holds our country together. 
  • Allowing Trump to reward people who have blatantly violated our community’s civil rights by pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio.   
  • Collaborating in putting Latino children in cages and separating families.   
  • Appeasing the president’s efforts to terminate DACA and TPS protections.  
  • Enabling the president to intimidate and threaten American families with immigrant parents who are food-insecure through the infamous “public charge” rule and other regulations that deter people from accessing critical safety-net services during a global pandemic. 
  • Making it possible for the Trump administration to undermine the right to vote. 
  • Ensuring the mistreatment of U.S. citizens on the island of Puerto Rico by withholding badly-needed disaster relief in the wake of a hurricane and earthquakes.   
  • Staying silent when the president equated racial justice protestors with those who view Latinos as an inferior race. 

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“The Party of Lincoln has been corrupted into the Party of Trump and white supremacy,” Murguía said in a statement. “So make no mistake: bigotry is on the ballot this November and we have a chance—an obligation—to thoroughly and decisively repudiate this hate.”




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