WATCH: Biden Drops Four New Spanish-Language Ads That Will Make Trump Mad


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By Araceli Cruz

September 14, 2020

The ads are a direct attack against Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic, Hurricane María, and Latino workers.  

While there have been reports that the Joe Biden presidential campaign isn’t doing much to reach out to Latino voters, new Spanish-language ads aim to prove otherwise.

On Sept. 12, the Biden campaign released four new Spanish-language ads that show the damage President Donald Trump has inflicted on the Latino community. 

The ads are a direct attack against Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic, Hurricane Maria, and Latino workers. The ads also address the misinformation from Trump’s recent Spanish ads that play on Latino stereotypes. 

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Each Spanish ad, featured on television and radio, will be directed at strategic voting targets, including Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. 

Below is a summary of each Spanish ad. 

Trump’s Misinformation on the Economy and Lack of Solutions for Latino Families

The ad emphasizes how Trump ignored the recommendations of coronavirus experts, devastating the economy. 

Trump’s Failed Response to Puerto Ricans

This ad shows Trump’s neglect after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria and the failed COVID-19 response, highlighting that it has so far caused 11,000 deaths in Florida. The ad also calls out Trump’s failed attempt to deliver culturally competent ads to Puerto Ricans.

Trump’s Failure to Recognize How Much the Latino Community Contributes to the Economy

This radio ad acknowledges Latino workers and small business owners contributing to the economy and how Biden plans to keep them safe during the pandemic. 

Trump’s Failed Response to the Pandemic

The ad highlights Biden’s call for a nationwide mask mandate and how his economic recovery plan will help ensure financial support reaches working families.

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Over the summer, President Trump previously released Spanish-language ads aimed at stereotyping Latinos by their accents. The “Latinos for Trump” ads were directed mainly at Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Ricans, particularly in battleground state Florida

One such ad titled “Carmen y Araceli” featured two women with a marked Mexican accent talking about Goya Foods. One woman said, “¡A mí ningún güero me quita mis tacos!” or “No gringo will take away my tacos!” The ad also claimed that Democrats were trying to burn the Virgin Mary. According to the Biden campaign, his Spanish ads were narrated by Spanish speakers with Mexican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican accents. 


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