Hannity Looked Like Such a Fool When Talking About ‘Despacito’


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By Araceli Cruz

September 17, 2020

Sean Hannity tried to poke fun at Joe Biden and “Despacito,” but ended up looking like a joke himself.

Last night, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity—an unofficial advisor to President Donald Trump—commented on the historic pop song “Despacito” during his show. There were a couple of problematic statements that Hannity made while attempting to make fun of former Vice President Joe Biden. 

But first, a little background: On Tuesday, Biden kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month in Florida, alongside some very notable Latino celebrities including singer Luis Fonsi, actress Eva Longoria, and singer/actor Ricky Martin. When Biden walked on stage, before addressing viewers, he played “Despacito” on his cell phone while Fonsi, co-writer of the pop smash hit, was on stage showing his support.

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Fonsi and Daddy Yankee originally released the track in 2017. “Despacito” went on to become an even bigger hit when Justin Bieber joined the remix that same year. 

Hannity not only made fun of Biden for playing the song on stage, but he failed to inform his viewers key facts about “Despacito.” 

For example, Hannity said the name of the song was “Duh-SPAH-seh-tow.” Check out his pronunciation of the word below. 

Hannity went on to tell viewers that he knows Spanish because he studied Spanish in school for three years, but let’s move on. He told viewers that the song means “slowly.” 

“The lyrics are about breathing on someone’s neck and whispering in their ear and kissing them slowly,” Hannity said while showing doctored clips of Biden with supporters. 

Upon further investigation, it looks as if Hannity has some obsession with “Despacito.” He discussed it again on his radio show yesterday and incorrectly told his listeners that Ricky Martin sang the song. 

“You know, my staff is having too much fun today and they’re like, ‘You know what the song is, right?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know. It’s Ricky Martin!'”

Hannity should get some facts straight about “Despacito” before speaking about something he doesn’t understand. Republican political commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas tweeted some reasons why “Despacito” made history.

For example, “Despacito” was the #1 song on Billboard for 16 weeks, and it was the biggest non-English song in US history. It went on to win several awards, including three Latin Grammy Awards. The song also contributed to an increase in tourism in Puerto Rico. Erika Ender, co-writer of “Despacito,” made history by becoming the youngest person to be inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the first female Latin artist to receive a Grammy Award for Song of the Year nomination. 

On Instagram, Fonsi said it was an honor for him to introduce Biden during the Hispanic Heritage Month event. 

“He is a great leader who has shown his respect and admiration for the Latino community and for Puerto Rico for many years,” Fonsi wrote. “It is time for us to have a president who treats us with the dignity we deserve, who recognizes how valuable our contribution to this country is, and who promotes unity and acceptance.”




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