WATCH: Marc Anthony Narrates New Bilingual Ad to Support Biden and Honor Puerto Rico


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By Araceli Cruz

September 21, 2020

“Remembering is not easy for everyone,” Marc Anthony says in the minute-long ad. “However, forgetting is forbidden.” 

Marc Anthony has never shied away from expressing his anger toward President Donald Trump. So, there’s no surprise that the Puerto Rican singer would show his support for presidential candidate Joe Biden. The Biden campaign released a new bilingual ad titled “Prohibido Olvidar,” narrated by Marc Anthony, on Hurricane María‘s third anniversary. 

Here’s the English Version

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The heartbreaking ad shows the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Maria and how Puerto Ricans united to help each other. The ad never mentions Trump by name, but subtly shows only his hands.

“It’s forbidden to forget that in moments of true darkness, when the cries for help fell on deaf ears,” Marc Anthony narrates. “We were the ones that stood tall to rebuild.” 

The ad comes days after Trump announced that he would be releasing $13 billion in relief to Puerto Rico, three years after the hurricane hit. Latino lawmakers expressed their anger at Trump’s disregard for Puerto Rico, particularly for announcing this so close to the presidential election. 

Here’s the Spanish Version

“A genuine question for the Trump administration: where have you been the last three years for Puerto Rico?” Congressman Darren Soto (D-Florida) asked. “President Trump presided over the deadliest natural disaster in modern American history, with nearly 3,000 Boricua dead. Since then, he has spent all this time blocking over half the $42B Congress allocated for disaster relief, treating Americans in Puerto Rico like second-class citizens, and acting like they should be grateful to get any help at all.” 

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The Marc Anthony-narrated video for Biden is part of a $65 million campaign spent last week for television and digital ads targeting Latinos in key swing states like Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Last week, Biden held a special Hispanic Heritage Month event alongside Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi, and Eva Longoria, in Kissimmee, Florida. There, Biden spoke about how Trump failed Puerto Ricans and continues to do so amid the pandemic.

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“We all deserve better. Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans deserve better”, Biden said. “There is no place in the United States to ever treat any of our own citizens as second-class.”



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