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Daniela Ferrera will do whatever is needed to help her community in Miami. That’s why she co-founded Cubanos con Biden.

This is the first episode of our “Calladitas No More” video series where we talk to young Latina voters about what motivates them to vote in the upcoming US election.

Daniela Ferrera arrived in Miami when she was 3 years old, she says she grew up hearing Republicans in the US say the dire situation in her native country would eventually change. But Ferrera got tired of waiting for that change, it never arrived.

“I was sick and tired of having Republicans and Donald Trump exploiting the trauma of my community,” Ferrera said, assessing that in four years of the current United States administration, the situation in Cuba has worsened. “People are suffering—they don’t have food, they don’t have medicine, and it is really tough.” 

For this reason, the 22-year-old cofounded Cubanos con Biden, a group of Cuban Americans who support the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign.

The young voter graduated with a political science degree from Florida International University in Miami. She now works as a political counselor for Bendixen and Amandi International.

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The coronavirus pandemic hits the political activist close to home because her mother, Natasha Ferrera, is a doctor who deals with COVID-19 patients every day, and her 80-year-old grandmother, Auria Mirabal, lives with them. 

Ferrera is aware of the deep economic crisis that comes hand in hand with the pandemic. She trusts Biden will be able to alleviate the economic recession based on his experience as former vice president.

She is excited about the possibility of an administration that takes climate change into consideration when talking about the economy. Ferrera would like “green jobs that provide dignity to our community—in a way that Americans don’t have to work three or four jobs to make ends meet.”