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“I encourage you to think of everyone who doesn’t have a voice when you go to the polls,” Alejandro Fernández said.

Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández and Mexican rock band Maná seek to increase Latino voter turnout with a new campaign called “Vota Por Nosotros” (Vote for Us). 

“Immigration is personal for my family,” Fernández said in a statement. “My father came to the US undocumented. As children, we listened to his stories of crossing the Río Grande, looking for a better life. I encourage you to think of everyone who doesn’t have a voice when you go to the polls.”

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The “Vota Por Nosotros” campaign is airing on Estrella Media’s television, radio, and digital properties throughout the US and will feature other top Latino music stars. The campaign encourages Latino voters to get out and vote on behalf of the US Latino community, including essential workers, young immigrants (commonly referred to as “Dreamers” based on the DREAM Act), farmworkers, students, and parents who cannot vote in the election. 

Latino voting registration has increased in the 2020 presidential election. In Florida alone, about 2.4 million Latinos are registered to vote.

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These trends are also particularly notable in battleground states—such as Florida and Arizona—that are likely to be crucial in deciding the 2020 election. In Florida, two-in-ten eligible voters in 2018 were Latino, nearly double the share in 2000. And in the emerging battleground state of Arizona, Latino adults made up about one-quarter (24%) of all eligible voters in 2018, up eight percentage points since 2000, Pew reports. The push to increase the Latino voter turnout continues just weeks before Election Day. 

“For many years, we have spoken and sung about the important issues impacting the health of our planet and our people,” said Fher Olvera of Maná. “Issues like the environment, immigration, and the well-being of our community are all topics we care about. You have the opportunity to use your vote to advance these issues and to ensure the Latino voice is counted.”

Maná has been vocal about political matters that affect the Latino community. Last year, they launched a scholarship specifically for Latinos, including undocumented immigrants

Eduardo León, Executive Vice President of Radio Programming for Estrella Media, said that they were “proud” to be part of engaging with Latino voters, “so the artist community can talk directly with their fans about the importance of voting.” 

He added, “This is an important time for our community to ensure our voices are heard.”