Trump to DeSantis: You’re Fired if I Lose Florida


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By Araceli Cruz

October 19, 2020

The president told Gov. DeSantis that he would be fired if he lost to Biden in Florida during a rally in Ocala.

On Friday, President Donald Trump made at least one post-election promise in the case that he loses the presidential race in Florida. He will figure out a way to fire Gov. Ron DeSantis if the Sunshine State goes to Joe Biden. 

During a rally event in Ocala, Florida, Trump shared his doubts with supporters over possibly losing the state to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Some polls show Biden having a slight lead over Trump.

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“He’s done a great job, and he’s been my friend,” Trump told his supporters about Gov. DeSantis. “Hey, Ron, are we going to win this state, please? You know if we don’t win it, I’m blaming the governor. I’ll fire him somehow. I’m going to fire him. I will find a way, anyway.”

Trump went on to further discuss their relationship and recalled how he helped DeSantis in 2018 win the governor’s seat. 

“You know he came to me and said ‘Sir, I’d like to run for governor,'” Trump said of DeSantis. “I said, ‘Well I can understand that but, you’ve got a long way to go.’ He said ‘I’d like your endorsement, can we have your endorsement?'”

“I said, ‘Look Ron, let’s think about it,'” Trump added. “Anyway. You know, he’s a great guy. Harvard, Yale, smart. I said, ‘Alright Ron, I’m going to endorse you, who the hell knows what’s going to happen.'”

“Boom,” Trump said. “He went from 3 to 71 [points] in one day.”

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DeSantis was at the event but didn’t comment on Trump’s comic threats. 

The president has been keeping a close eye on Florida for months, primarily on the state’s voting system. He has made unsubstantiated claims that there’s voter fraud in Florida. However, various research reports show that most allegations of fraud turn out to be baseless

An Emerson poll, conducted from Oct. 10-12, shows Biden leading slightly over Trump by three percentage points. In that poll, Biden is supported by 50% of the state’s likely voters, as opposed to 47% who favor Trump.

However, a slight lead isn’t much of a transformation against Trump just yet. Spencer Kimball, director of Emerson College Polling, said, “While it looks like voters are shifting away from Election Day voting and toward early voting, only 4% of the sample reported voting for the first time suggesting that the Florida turnout should not look considerably different from 2016.”


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