500,000 Meals Will Be Served to Voters Nationwide Today Thanks to World Central Kitchen

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By Araceli Cruz

November 3, 2020

The organization led by Chef José Andres is providing more than 500,000 meals to people in line waiting to vote on Election Day.  

Chef José Andrés, and his charity, World Central Kitchen, is feeding the masses who are in line waiting to vote. #ChefsForThePolls will be stationed in 250 cities nationwide, supplying people with meals. 

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From four cities in Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and throughout the country, the Spanish chef known for his humanitarian work in recent years, and his team of volunteers are anticipating serving at least 500,000 meals since early voting began. André’s free meal initiative during the election cycle was also in full swing a few months ago during the primary elections.

“People of America!! I am in Houston, Texas today with our @WCKitchen team helping serve meals on the last day of early voting!” Andrés tweeted on Oct. 30. “And I’ve been thinking…America loves democracy, so let’s make sure we make voting EASY for all Americans, especially the elderly!”

Andrés created Chefs For The Polls to encourage people to remain in line, their website states. 

“People often cast their vote before work, during their lunch break, or after work—all prime meal times. We also know that while long lines are an inconvenience for some, for many they can mean the difference between voting and not voting.”

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Chefs for the Polls, a non-partisan effort, has teamed up with food trucks and restaurants in each city to provide fresh meals and keep small businesses open amid a health and economic crisis.

In 2018, Andrés was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by John Delaney, a former congressman from Maryland and a Democratic presidential candidate, for his humanitarian contribution in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. 

“Because of Mr. Andrés’s work, millions of people have been fed. This is the most basic human need, and Mr. Andrés has proven to be world-class in this essential humanitarian field,” Delaney wrote. “With an incredible spirit and an innovative mind, Mr. Andrés is solving one of the world’s ancient problems and supplying world leaders with a new road map to provide more effective disaster relief in the future.”

To find out Chefs for the Polls’ location, click here.




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