latino-vote-2020 Patty Torres, organizing director of Make the Road Pennsylvania, speaks outside the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania, Friday afternoon, Nov. 6, 2020, where people marched and protested in opposition to the possibility that some of the votes from the 2020 November election would not be counted.
Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Preliminary data shows that Latinos overwhelmingly voted Democrat, while Latinas turned out in bigger numbers than Latino men.  

Much speculation is surrounding the Latino vote in Florida—as if that group represents the entire Latino community in the US. Yes, Latinos—primarily Cuban Americans—voted for President Donald Trump by an estimated 54%. But the bigger picture here isn’t that some Latinos sided with Trump, but rather that Latino voter turnout doubled in 2020. 

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The latest figures by Latino Decisions, a Latino political research firm, show that Latino voters increased immensely. More than that, Latinos also helped Joe Biden secure electoral votes in crucial swing states. 

Here is a highlight of Latino voter estimates as of Nov. 5 in battleground states: 


600,000 Latinos voted.

Vote margin running strong for Biden: 73 to 25 statewide

Latinos for Biden: 438,000

Latinos for Trump: 150,000 

Latino net contribution for Biden: 288,000


100,000 Latinos voted.

Vote margin running strong for Biden: 71 to 27 statewide

Latinos for Biden: 77,400

Latinos for Trump: 21,100 

Latino net contribution for Biden: 50,300


235,000 Latinos voted.

Vote margin running strong for Biden: 68 to 30 statewide

Latinos for Biden: 159,800

Latinos for Trump: 70,500

Latino net contribution for Biden: 89,300


290,000 Latinos voted.

Vote margin running strong for Biden: 69 to 29 statewide

Latinos for Biden: 200,100

Latinos for Trump: 84,100

Latino net contribution for Biden: 116,000


160,000 Latinos voted.

Vote margin running strong for Biden: 70 to 30 statewide

In Gwinnett County, it was 75% for Biden among Latinos. 

Latinos for Biden: 112,000

Latinos for Trump: 48,100

Latino net contribution for Biden: 64,000

Other significant figures from Latino Decisions show that Latinas voted more than Latinos, and overwhelmingly voted for Biden. 

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Also, 70% of Latino Catholics voted for Joe Biden, while 75% of Latina Catholics voted for Biden. 

Nationwide, it’s projected that more than 10 million Latinos voted early, and more than 15 million Latinos combined voted in the presidential election. An estimated 57% to 70% of Latinos voted for Biden. 

One monumental accomplishment for the Biden campaign is that he has the most votes of any presidential candidate in history, surpassing former President Barack Obama with a record of 73,688,334 votes, and votes are still being counted.

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