Puerto Rican YouTuber Spreads Holiday Cheer by Posting Florida’s Best Light Displays


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By Mivette Vega

December 8, 2020

Viewers can enjoy Florida’s attractions from the safety of their homes, thanks to Héctor Bernier’s videos.

As an employee of Disney Parks, Puerto Rican Héctor Bernier has access to all of the company’s attractions, which before the pandemic ranked as some of the most visited places in the world. 

Two-and-a-half years ago, Bernier started toying with the idea of sharing videos on YouTube of his unique perspective on the park’s attractions.  He wanted to provide tips and insights, as well as show images of the famous theme parks. 

“I started making videos without audio because I was afraid of how people would react,” Bernier told The Americano.

A year ago, the vlogger started including audio of his voice, at the suggestion of his coworkers. It was then when he created the Disney con Héctor YouTube channel, where he posts videos in Spanish for Puerto Rican and Latino communities in Florida and viewers worldwide.

“With the pandemic, the videos have become the eyes of people,” Bernier said. “Recently I received a message from someone in the United Kingdom thanking me because through my videos they were able to see the parks.” 

Bernier lives in Davenport, Florida, with his family. Originally from Guayama, Puerto Rico, he moved to the state 14 years ago in search of better opportunities and quality of life for his family: wife Joharis, and daughters Jomarie and Grace. 

A few months ago, viewers of his YouTube channel began to ask to see other places of interest in Florida besides theme parks.

So, Bernier started posting videos of intriguing places in the Sunshine State from an insider’s point of view, as well as documenting notable seasonal decorations. After featuring Halloween decorations, the vlogger is now showing holiday decorations at hotels and theme parks. The most popular videos on the channel, however, are the ones that show elaborate holiday decorations in people’s homes. 

“Since we are in a pandemic, many are not visiting the parks or heading out as a precaution,” Bernier said. “There are people who use the videos as a guide, and then they go see places from the safety of their car.”

The vlogger began sharing one video per week on his channel. Due to popular demand, he is now posting two.

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Bernier dreams of the moment when he can travel to Puerto Rico once again. He eventually plans to feature the island’s tourist attractions. 

“My little island is so beautiful,” said Bernier. “I would like to showcase the island’s travel destinations and do my part in contributing to the tourism economy. As a Puerto Rican, that would feel great.” 



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