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Jenniffer González said she would not support the president for reelection, if he runs again in 2024, after inciting violence on Capitol Hill.

Puerto Rico’s resident commissioner, Jenniffer González, said Thursday she no longer supports President Donald Trump after he provoked thousands of right-wing extremists to storm the United States Capitol on Wednesday.

González, who is a Republican, said in an interview with WKAQ-AM, she will also not support Trump’s reelection in 2024 after Wednesday’s insurrection where four people died.

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“His actions were already a call to violence; a person who wants to cling to power that bad does not deserve to be president of the United States,” the commissioner told journalist Rubén Sánchez.

On Sunday, González was sworn in for a second term as the island’s resident commissioner for the 117th Congress.

On Tuesday, González thanked Trump via her Twitter account for the allocation of $3.7 billion to the island’s Aqueduct and Sewer Authority as part of its reconstruction efforts.

But on Wednesday, however, she expressed regret regarding the violent acts that took place in Washington and left the world perplexed.

During the interview with Sánchez, González described what happened as a “black page” in the history of the US—an undermining of democracy.

“The president provoked these acts of violence, trying to cling to power by breaking into the legislative process—his self-created doubts about the electoral process should not have a forum and must be condemned,” said the congress member.

González had been a loyal supporter of Trump during his term, even in controversial situations, including how he treated Puerto Rico’s residents after Hurricane María.

The commissioner arrived with Trump in Air Force One during a short visit to San Juan on Oct. 3, 2017, 13 days after the hurricane caused severe damage to the island. 

During the visit, Trump addressed citizens in the municipality of Guaynabo. The president threw rolls of paper towels at people, a gesture internationally criticized. Upon arrival, Trump had said, “I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack.”

González said she herself would not act that way. She did not specifically condemn Trump’s actions and expressions and instead focused on funds the island might receive.

“The crucial thing is for funds to be received,” González said at the time in an interview with WSKN-AM. “I’m not going to focus on perception but rather on the result of federal management.”

While Trump was harshly criticized last summer during protests over the murder of George Floyd, González reiterated her endorsement of his presidency. She also supported the wall being built on the US-Mexico border.

“I agree with strengthening all borders, including Puerto Rico,” González said then in an interview with WSKN-AM. “In the case of Mexico, they are talking about a fence that is already built in some areas and requires repair in others.”