From J.Lo to Ricky Martin: Latino Celebs React to Rioters’ Violence on the US Capitol

By Giselle Balido

January 8, 2021

Our querendones went to social media to strongly denounce the violent attack on American democracy.

As the world watched in stunned disbelief as a mob of domestic terrorists stormed the US Capitol Wednesday, a violent action which claimed five lives, Latinos took to social media to express their outrage at the assault on the nation’s democracy.

“¡Qué vergüenza!”

Boricua singer Olga Tañón was one of the first celebs to denounce the riot.

Speaking in Spanish, the “Mentiroso” singer took to Instagram to call the assault “shameful,” wondering what would have happened if these violent actions had been taken by supporters of the Black Lives Mater movement or by Latinos. She even went on to call President Donald Trump a “maldito loco,” or “damned lunatic.”

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Singer-actress Selena Gómez called out social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for allowing “people with hate in their hearts” to use these platforms.

Singer and activist Ricky Martin simply posted a selfie as he watched on TV the unfolding chaos.

J.Lo Was Speechless

Jennifer López simply had no words to express her emotions, so she posted a powerful visual: a pair of praying hands over a tweet of President-elect Joe Biden’s message to the unruly mob.

Notice the Difference

Luis Fonsi didn’t go despacito to point out the difference between Trump’s tweet when writing about a Black Lives Matter protest and the violent takeover of the Capitol.

America, the Beautiful

The actress and activist played federal investigator by pointing out the six senators who, in her view, supported the president in his conspiracy theories as he claimed, without proof or merit, that the election had been “stolen” from him, a false claim that encouraged thousands to attack the Capitol building.

Cardi B took a different tack: she asked her fans to keep safe.


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