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These local ambassadors have a huge influence over your everyday life and your family’s well-being. The good news: you can directly reach out to them.

If you are like most people, you are generally more interested in what your president or your senators are up to in Washington than what local politicians are doing for your city or county on a federal level. But as you will see, this is not “small potatoes.”

In fact, it is quite the opposite! Your US state representatives have a huge influence over your everyday life and your family’s well-being. This means from the quality of your children’s education and the air that you breathe, to the availability of affordable health care.

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But that is not all. They also influence a lot of the “little” things you must deal with every day, and which have an impact on your life: from infrastructure (fixing the potholes you encounter on your way to work) to transportation (improving public bus service), and from having a state unemployment system that works, to ensuring the preservation of your voting rights.

Your Community’s Ambassadors, Working for You

In other words: your representative is your community’s ambassador, set to work for your interests and well-being. And because he or she is local, you can reach out to them to express your concerns, as well as to let them know what you and your family need to improve the quality of your lives.

So, what does a US representative do? Also known as a congress member, they are elected to represent specific congressional districts within a state and are charged with presenting the best interests of their district by introducing and supporting laws and amendments that directly affect you. They are also expected to use taxpayer money judiciously and help the state maintain economic prosperity by introducing favorable legislation, particularly for small businesses.

“I also believe that representatives need to go to the people and listen to their needs,” Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a lifelong organizer, told Floricua. The Democrat of Cuban ancestry is running to fill the seat Rep. Val Demings will leave in Congress in 2022.

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Reaching out to your representative is a way to make sure that he or she knows the issues that directly affect you, so that they can speak up for you, represent your interests and propose the laws that, if passed, can benefit you and your community. Here is a complete list of the 27 Florida representatives in the US Congress, the districts they serve, and how you can reach out to them. Remember: It is up to you to make sure that your voice is heard in Washington!