Local plans to reopen schools in thoughtful ways are being challenged by the Trump administration which favors a prompt return to in-person schooling, ignoring the health risks of COVID-19.
Trump Administration Pushes for Riskiest Approach to Reopening Schools

Latino families are in the crossfire between the push to reopen schools and being disproportionately ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Latino students reconsider college plans amid pandemic
Rethinking Your College Plans? Against All Odds Latino Students Must Stay The Course.

Without money and fearful of COVID-19 infections, students are turning away from going to college at alarming rates, leading some institutions to close for good.

is my kid learning anything
Has Coronavirus Forced You to Become Your Kids’ Teacher? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Latino parents see their role in education as taking care of values while teachers take care of knowledge. COVID-19 has forced education roles to change, raising concerns about learning loss.

Image via Unsplash by Ronny Sison
What Does the College Choice for Latino Families Look Like in a Pandemic World?

With 49% of Latinos saying someone in their household has either lost their job or experienced a reduction in income due to the pandemic, the college dream might not be a priority, but students still have good and affordable options.

non-profits Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Non-Profits Can Lead The Way In This Crisis. This Is How We Can All Help.

More Boricuas live elsewhere than on the island, but only 3% of non-profits in Puerto Rico have strategies to engage and seek support from the diaspora, leaving enormous goodwill and resources untapped.

technology entrepreneur coronavirus
The Road That Led This Latina Entrepreneur to Creating the Perfect Social Distancing App for Parents and Kids

With her video-calling platform Caribu, Miami-innovator Max Tuchman capitalized on her Latina identity, anticipating the social distancing disruptions.

latino students struggle with online learning
38% of Low-income Latino Students Lack Access to High-speed Internet

Lack of access to technology and achievement gaps contribute to Latino students struggling to engage in online learning during COVID-19 pandemic.