Mexican Journalists Aren’t Giving Up in the Face of Death and Kidnappings

Even journalists who do not report on drug-trafficking, especially women, have been victims of violence and intimidation in Mexico.

Roberto, a 24-year-old street vendor, said he continues to work because he hasn’t been able to find another job.
Being a Street Vendor Is Becoming a Dangerous Job for Latinos Across the Country

“We are good people, we come here to work. We don’t do bad things. Please help us by purchasing something.”

Meet the Latinos Who Could Take Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris’ Senate Seat

The clock is ticking for the California governor to pick a replacement for Harris' soon-to-be vacant Senate seat, and these four Latinos are among the top contenders.

Image via Zoom screengrab.
They’re in Their 70s, Just Became American Citizens—and Just Cast Their First Vote

"You have to have courage to become a citizen," Rafael Serrano said. "Everyone should take advantage of that opportunity."