WATCH: A Love Letter to Cumbia, the Humble Musical Genre That Unites All Latinos

While reggaetón is rocking the world, the humble yet endearing cumbia rhythm stays strong as the original Afro-Latin party genre. But why?

Puerto Ricans Black Lives Matter
WATCH: This Is How Boricuas Are Uniting to Say Black Lives Matter

From Loíza to New York, Puerto Ricans are joining the fight against racism and police brutality the best way they know: protesting with music.

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WATCH: 4 Groundbreaking Iberoamerican LGBTQ+ Icons You Need to Know

Our coverage of Pride Month begins with the celebration of irrepressible figures in Latino arts and culture. They fought for equality and LGBTQ+ rights while claiming their identity. And they did so while producing great art. Meet these four Latino pioneers.

Graphic by The Americano
WATCH: How Argentina Created the Biggest Rock Scene in Latin America

How did they create the strongest canon of rock music outside of the English-speaking world?

Graphic via Desirée Tapia for The Americano
UPDATED: This Map Shows Where And Who Coronavirus Has Hit The Hardest In Latin America

Brazil, Chile and Ecuador lead the counts for infections and deaths in the region, with more than 18,000 cases combined.