Texas Is Averaging 9,000 New COVID Cases a Day. Latinos Are Hardest-Hit.

What started as a small family cookout ended in 14 family members infected with COVID-19 and one dead. A cautionary tale to anyone underestimating the dangers of COVID.

IN PHOTOS: Latino Artists Paint Murals to Demand Justice for Soldier Vanessa Guillén

Meet the three Latino artists demanding 'Justice for Soldier Vanessa Guillén' and honoring her life by painting murals in Texas.

Here’s How Praising Trump Could Cost Goya More Than a Boycott

Many Hispanic consumers feel betrayed by Goya Foods after its CEO's comments praising Trump. 'They will pay for it,' says a Latino marketing expert.

Officer Who Wrote Offensive Vanessa Guillén Post Says It Was Misunderstood

A former Wisconsin Air Guard Officer says she didn't mean to imply Vanessa Guillén deserved to be sexually harassed when she posted "Sexual harassment is the price of admission [to the military].

FBI Connects Suspects to Killing of Vanessa Guillén With Text Messages

Almost two and a half months after the disappearance of Private Vanessa Guillén, the FBI and U.S. Army investigators were finally able to connect the two suspects to her death thanks to cell phone records. Here's what we know.

Identity of Suspects in Missing Soldier Vanessa Guillén’s Case Has Been Revealed

U.S. Army investigations confirm to have found no link between Vanessa Guillén's disappearance and sexual harassment allegations made by the soldier.

Latinos Demand Action From Gov. Abbott as Community Sees Massive COVID Spike in Texas

LULAC has declared a statewide public health emergency for Latinos in Texas, and demand Gov. Abbott to take action to save lives as COVID-19 spike amongst Hispanics.