Meet the Two Young Latina Climate Activists Who Spoke at the DNC

Katherine Lorenzo and Alexandria Villaseñor have found ways to raise their voices and give their generation "a fighting chance" to save the planet.

Here Are the 3 Latino Democrat ‘Rising Stars’ the DNC Spotlighted Tuesday Night

They said it was going to be a different kind of keynote at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night, and that’s what they delivered.

Image by Hugo van Gelderen / Anefo via Wikimedia Commons.
Legendary Singer Trini López Dies From Covid-19

Born to Mexican immigrant parents, the singer and actor proudly kept his last name on his way to becoming a star.

Texas Is Averaging 9,000 New COVID Cases a Day. Latinos Are Hardest-Hit.

What started as a small family cookout ended in 14 family members infected with COVID-19 and one dead. A cautionary tale to anyone underestimating the dangers of COVID.

IN PHOTOS: Latino Artists Paint Murals to Demand Justice for Soldier Vanessa Guillén

Meet the three Latino artists demanding 'Justice for Soldier Vanessa Guillén' and honoring her life by painting murals in Texas.

Here’s How Praising Trump Could Cost Goya More Than a Boycott

Many Hispanic consumers feel betrayed by Goya Foods after its CEO's comments praising Trump. 'They will pay for it,' says a Latino marketing expert.

Officer Who Wrote Offensive Vanessa Guillén Post Says It Was Misunderstood

A former Wisconsin Air Guard Officer says she didn't mean to imply Vanessa Guillén deserved to be sexually harassed when she posted "Sexual harassment is the price of admission [to the military].