As Latinos, Food Is Our Identity. That’s Why I’m Boycotting Goya.

Food is our identity. This may explain the swift and categorical reaction from most Latinos to Goya’s CEO praise of Donald Trump: it's like a personal betrayal.

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Latinos represented and expressed their solidarity to the Black Lives Matter protests by adding color to the empty streets of SOHO.

Why Latinos Shouldn’t Fall for the Trap of Identity Politics

While emphasizing our otherness can give otherwise disenfranchised people a sense of purpose, meaning, and community, there is a flip side.

All the Messed Up Things Steve King Said About Latinos That Got Him Kicked Out

Goodbye and good riddance to this Iowa legislator, a man who repeatedly said awful things about Latinos and Black people for more than 18 years.

PHOTOS: Protests Erupt In NYC After George Floyd Murder

Minutes after the arrest and prosecution with 3rd-degree murder of the officer involved in Floyd's death, New Yorkers joined protesters around the country to demand justice. This is what we saw.

Can We Live Without Social Interaction as We Know It?

How are we living and how will we live without the events that bring us together? How will we live without the music, movies, and events that bring us together? I have a theory that physical proximity encourages civilization.

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Should Mother’s Day Be a Thing of The Past?

We're in the second decade of the 21st Century. Is it time to rethink this obsolete holiday and just respect women everywhere, at all times?