Two Latino Farmworkers Demanded Overtime Pay, Now They’ve Made History

José Martínez-Cuevas and Patricia Aguilar, who both milked cows for DeRuyter Brothers Dairy, Inc. in Washington, sued for overtime pay. Their actions have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of farmworkers.

Farmworkers Will Be Given Heroes Award for Service During Pandemic

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation will honor farmworkers, a group disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

man receiving free food
Food Pantry Demand Has Exploded in Florida

Many families already feeling the stress of losing their jobs are now enduring growing “food insecurity.”

Florida Farmers May See Losses of More Than $500 Million

Florida’s number 2 industry is severely hurting. But as she works to provide relief, the Democratic Commissioner Nikki Freid says some important lessons have been learned.

Donald Trump
Trump Says He’s a Friend of Florida, Is That Really True?

President Trump’s 'Do as I Say Not as I Do' frienemy delays on his COVID-19 response have impacted Florida's health system and economy. This is how.

PHOTOS: A Day in the Life of 11 Florida Farmers

Farmers struggle to keep the food chain that feeds America going. The #2 industry in Florida is falling apart with no government support. We spent two days with 11 growers in what they call their “fields of dreams.” This is what we saw.