Flooding, Landslides, and Power Outages: Tropical Storm Isaias Is Already Bringing Horror To Puerto Rico

Storm Isaias batters the island with winds of 60 mph and at least 6 inches of rain. More than 300,000 clients across the U.S. territory are out of electricity.

FEMA to Puerto Rico: You Are Not Ready for Hurricane Season

The agency’s regional administrator pointed out that the island’s lack of preparedness, as a tropical storm, is on the way. Governor declares a state of emergency.

Gov Wanda Vazquez investigation referral
Gov. Wanda Vázquez Will Be Investigated by an Independent Special Prosecutor

The governor will be investigated along with other members of her cabinet. The investigation was referred by former Secretary of Justice, who was fired after making those referrals.

UPDATED: Gunman Shoots Son and Husband Of Federal Judge In New Jersey

The suspected gunman involved in the shooting of Judge Esther Salas' son and husband has been found dead, new reports indicate.

Image via AP Photo/Matt York
Supreme Court Kills Trump’s Bid To End DACA

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that DACA will remain intact. Here's what this means for the lives of the 650,000 young immigrants awaiting this decision.

WATCH: SpaceX Launches Astronauts Into Orbit From U.S. Soil for the First Time Since 2011

This is SpaceX’s first-ever crewed mission in the company’s 18-year history and the first launch from U.S. soil since 2011. The first launch attempt on May 27 was scrubbed due to weather.

CNN Reporter and Crew Arrested on Live TV While Reporting on Minneapolis Protests

While living on air, Omar Jiménez — who identifies as Black and Latino — was handcuffed and led away, together with his team. Here's what happened.