Floricua of the Week

Norberto Fonseca Floricua
Norberto Fonseca Delivers 75,000 Pounds of Food Every Month to Families in Need

The executive director of a senior center in Kissimmee devotes his life to helping others, especially Puerto Ricans in Central Florida—a community facing many challenges.

Floricua Héctor Ramos bodybuilder
Floricua of the Week: His Bones Were Like Glass. Now Héctor Ramos Is A Bodybuilder

Severe health conditions didn’t stop Ramos from carrying on, even when doctors told him he couldn’t exercise because his bones were too fragile. He will be participating in a bodybuilding national competition next month.

Dr. William Félix’s Journey From Treating High-Performance Athletes to COVID Patients

The Puerto Rican sports physician traveled the world with the NBA. When the pandemic hit, helping COVID-19 patients became his calling in life.

How Jorge Pérez Is a Force in the Puerto Rican Community

After living in Orlando for more than 30 years, the inspector reflects on how the problems faced by the Latino community have evolved.

Katiry González’ Land of Prosperity

Not being fluent in English didn’t stop the insurance broker from positioning her company in first place among three Florida counties while helping the Latino community.

Denise Diaz - Floricua- Jobs for Justice
Floricua of the Week: Activist Denise Díaz Hopes These Protests Actually Lead To Real, Much-Needed Change

Meet the co-director of Jobs With Justice in Florida who's been standing up for the rights of Latino and Puerto Rican workers for the past 13 years.

Frances Santiago, the Veteran Is Standing up for Her Culture

After 14 years of military service, the veteran has found her place in Kissimmee, Florida, where she stands up for the rights of her fellow Puerto Ricans.