Month: March 2020

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I’m A Doula. Here’s What’s Happening to Mothers Giving Birth During This Crisis

Pregnant women are being forced to choose between solitude or home delivery due to coronavirus.

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An 87-Year-Old Veteran Fully Recovered From COVID-19

Frank Eller, an 87-year-old California resident filled Puerto Rican doctors and citizens with hope, by defeating the disease amid an array of pre-existing conditions.

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Puerto Rico’s Doctors Try To Prepare to Fight COVID-19

With a second death confirmed on the Island, a medical task force works on a plan emulating countries that have done it right.

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Life or Death?: The Stark Differences Between Sanders And Biden On Puerto Rico

For many Americans, the US election still boils down to party, identity or “electability” issues. For Puerto Ricans, this election’s outcome is about much more than that; it is life or death.

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We Fact-Checked Puerto Rico’s Government Coronavirus Response

When a non-elected governor, like Wanda Vázquez, faces her first major health crisis, skepticism and the demand for accurate information during an emergency can go a long way.

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Coronavirus Update: First 3 Cases Confirmed in Puerto Rico as Secretary of Public Health Resigns

Less than an hour after Puerto Rico's Governor Wanda Vázquez informed that the island was ready to test COVID-19 locally, the first three cases were confirmed as positive.

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Puerto Ricans Still Unable To Test Coronavirus Locally. The Economy Already Feeling Its Side Effects

With almost 20 cases reported in less than a week, Governor Wanda Vázquez still awaits for the CDC to confirm the results of the first two samples, sent four days ago.