Month: April 2020

Serena and Layla-Transgender Women Killed in PR
FBI Takes Over Investigation Into Brutal Murders of Serena and Layla in Puerto Rico

With two suspects arrested the FBI claims jurisdiction in this case with enough evidence to categorize it as a hate crime.

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Puerto Rico Will Only Feed Starving Students If They Ask

As activists feeding the hungry get arrested, and children go unfed, Gov. Vázquez announced she will only reopen the cafeterias, if requested by 78 mayors.

Graphic via Desireé Tapias for The Americano
WATCH: What Whitmer And Yulin Cruz Have In Common

The president attacked Michigan's Gov., the same way he did with the San Juan Mayor after they criticized his response to the emergencies.

Floricua Florida Puerto Rico
‘La Voz de la Semoran’ Expects To Become a New Lifeline to Latinos in Central Florida

A group of non-profit organizations creates a newsletter to keep the Hispanic community in Florida well informed during Coronavirus and election year.

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The Government’s Moral Compass Is Shattered. Here’s How We Get It Back.

Lutheran Bishop Odilia Negrón opens up about politics and how to rebuild the sense of community post-coronavirus.

puerto rico school year coronavirus
Puerto Rican Students Are Getting a Lapse Year. That’s Not a Good Thing.

Over the past 3 years, due to natural disasters and the pandemic, Puerto Rican students have lost almost a full academic year. There is no clear plan to catch up.

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All Puerto Rican Students Will Pass to Next Grade as Schools Remain Closed

The Education Department’s decision raises a red flag for parents and experts.