Month: July 2020

WATCH: Stylist Erick Osorio Took Precautions and Still Got COVID. Here’s How He Avoids Getting Infected Again

The makeup artist tried to avoid infection, but still caught COVID. Ensuing financial instability has kept him from his dream of buying a home.

PR High School Students Defraud Unemployment System as Thousands Wait Desperately for Benefits

The scheme perpetrated by a group of students of a private school in San Juan makes many wonder what is wrong with the system.

Flooding, Landslides, and Power Outages: Tropical Storm Isaias Is Already Bringing Horror To Puerto Rico

Storm Isaias batters the island with winds of 60 mph and at least 6 inches of rain. More than 300,000 clients across the U.S. territory are out of electricity.

FEMA to Puerto Rico: You Are Not Ready for Hurricane Season

The agency’s regional administrator pointed out that the island’s lack of preparedness, as a tropical storm, is on the way. Governor declares a state of emergency.

Florida Quietly Reimposes Food Stamp Work Requirements in the Middle of a Pandemic

The mandate was issued without a previous announcement from the Department of Children and Families or from the state’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

Verano del 19: The 15 Days That Ended Rosselló’s Government

Puerto Ricans remember last year, when for the first time in history a governor resigned over a scandalous Telegram chat.

How LeBron James Is Joining the Fight to Give Floridians Who Had Convictions the Right to Vote

"The right to vote should not come with a price tag," the basketball legend wrote on Twitter.