Month: September 2020

Debate Check: How Trump Lied About Health Care, COVID-19, Election Fraud, and the Economy

Trump faced off with Democratic nominee Joe Biden, warning of election fraud, accusing his opponent of pushing for “socialized medicine,” and defending his handling of COVID-19. Here are the facts.

Michelle - Trans Victim - Puerto Rico
Sixth Trans Woman Found Dead in Puerto Rico, Alarming Community

“They are violating us, they are hunting us, and they are murdering us while Vázquez and her government look the other way."

Calladitas No More: This Young Mexican Votes for a Better Future for Her and Her Family

The first-time voter spent her high school years witnessing the struggles of her family and community. Now she is ready to do something about it.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Said ‘El Chacal’ Should Have Been at the Presidential Debate

The Sábado Gigante character should have gotten rid of moderator Chris Wallace, the congresswoman suggested.

This Could Be a Historic Election for Puerto Rico

Recent electoral cycles have seen a decrease in voter participation. An analyst says more people could be at the island’s polls this year, in response to 'Verano del 19.'

Catholic Sister Explains: Judge Amy Coney Barrett Could Hurt Latinos

"Pope Francis is teaching us, as is our tradition, that it's more complicated than a single issue, and we have to be multi-issue voters," Sister Campbell said.

85% of Surveyed LGBTQ Immigrants Did Not Report Hate Crimes, Study Says

An estimated 3,859 violent and property offenses are committed against LGBTQ persons in Miami-Dade annually. Fear keeps most victims from reporting the incidents.