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Si piensas viajar pronto a Puerto Rico ten en cuenta que el 18 de febrero, entran en vigor nuevas medidas para lidiar con la pandemia.

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi announced on Sunday some new measures to tackle the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and the extension of others.

Passengers who have the booster and have a Vacu-ID, will no longer need to fill out the traveler’s declaration upon arrival. 

These passengers will go through a special line created for them, where they must present their Vacu-ID with their QR code.

Passengers flying with children over 2 years old must fill out the “Traveler Declaration, COVID-19 Alert” or the “Travel Declaration Form, COVID-19 alert.”

Unvaccinated people must present a negative test carried out within a maximum of two days.

On the other hand, in closed places such as restaurants, food courts, and cinemas, capacity remains at 75%.

The capacity in amphitheaters, stadiums, coliseums, convention centers, or activities that serve drinks or prepared foods, such as chinchorros, was increased to 75%.

In mid-December, the government had to increase the restrictions, due to a dramatic rise in cases caused by the Omicron variant.

Pierluisi’s new executive order includes a booster vaccination mandate for employees of childcare centers, gyms, beauty salons, beauty parlors, barbershops, spas, and casinos.

Currently, the positivity rate on the Island is at 11.96%.

The new measures will remain in effect until March 31, 2022.

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