Budget Bill - Puerto Rico - Medicaid Washington lawmakers were wrapping up their work Thursday.
Image via AP Photo/Ted S. Warren.

The bill adds $200 million to the $2.9 billion previously authorized by Biden to increase the island’s access to Medicaid.

The $1.5 trillion federal funding bill is heading to President Joe Biden’s desk for his signature after the Senate passed it on Thursday night.

The bill funds the federal government through September. 

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the package was “the strongest, boldest and most significant government funding package we’ve seen in a long time.”

This is also good news for Puerto Rico.

​​This bill adds $200 million until Dec. 13 to the $2.9 billion authorized by President Biden for the island’s access to Medicaid.

Other benefits that Puerto Rico will receive with these funds are:

  • An additional $400 for Pell grant student aid
  • $26 million for operations and cleanup of the collapsed radio-telescope at the Arecibo Observatory
  • $1.5 million for The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico to rebuild a school in San Sebastián
  • $300,000 for water infrastructure in Lajas
  • $300,000 for a new well in Yauco
  •  $180,000 for a program to support children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder
  •  $116,000 to improve public safety in Utuado

“For many years, Puerto Rico received negligible support from a Republican-controlled government in Washington that neglected the need of our fellow citizens on the island,” Schumer said.