‘Pawns in a Political Stunt’: Migrants Flown to Martha’s Vineyard File Lawsuit Against DeSantis

Florida officials created an "official-looking brochure" that used language from a refugee resettlement program to lure them to the planes with the false promise of better opportunities, the suit alleges.

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Florida Democrats Demand Answers About the Legality of Martha’s Vineyard Flights

If the migrants were misled into boarding the flights, the ruse used to transport them could constitute fraud, false imprisonment, or kidnapping, lawyer warns.

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He Does It Again! DeSantis Hands Out Checks, But Fails to Say They Come From Federal Plan He Opposed.

After vigorously criticizing the American Rescue Plan, which he called "Washington at its worst," the Republican governor is handing out those very same funds in time to boost his reelection campaign.

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DeSantis’ Top Aides Tried to Help Companies Bypass Rent-Control Restrictions

More than 40,000 affordable apartments across the state could have been lost if the proposed amendment had passed.

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‘We Have to Actually Start Doing Something!’ Says Democratic Candidate Raquel Pacheco

With Florida facing inflation and a housing crisis, the state Senate hopeful names the first three things she'll do to help struggling Floridians if she wins her seat in November.

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A.J. D’Amico: ‘A Lot of This Isn’t Really Political. It’s Trying to Make Life Better.’

Citing the "tremendous mismanagement" of its government, this young millennial is working to address the economic collapse, rising inequality and growing climate change affecting Floridians now.

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Crist-DeSantis, Rubio-Demings Running Neck and Neck in Races for Governor and US Senate

Two of Florida's most contested races are very close, according to a new survey conducted by a bipartisan polling team.