Broward For Progress, MoveOn and other Florida activists march to send a message that abortion access must be protected.
Floridians would vote to enshrine abortion rights in state constitution, poll shows

To demonstrate broad support across the state, sponsors of the “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion” are focusing their petition drive on 10 specific congressional districts.

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Florida voters support legal marijuana ahead of potential 2024 ballot measure

If the initiative does go before voters, it would need 60% approval in order to amend the state constitution to legalize the sale of cannabis without a medical license.

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Florida Republican lashes out after Democrats refuse to support his abortion ban

Rep. Basabe's effort comes after Republicans continue to suffer major losses across the US in elections related to reproductive rights.

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‘Trouble in Toyland’ report advises parents on which gifts to avoid ahead of Black Friday

Which children's toys and electronics are safe to gift? This 2023 report explains how to protect kids from unsafe toys and smart electronics.

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How you can get abortion rights on the ballot in Florida

Pro-choice activists are running a signature collecting campaign to put abortion rights on the ballot for the November 2024 election and let voters, and not politicians, decide on the issue. 

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Florida fails to use nearly $800 million to provide services to adults and children with disabilities

While many languish on waiting lists for years, or face cuts to the programs that they desperately need, an investigation has found that the money to provide those services has been in the state budget all along.

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Florida’s chief financial officer wants to use taxpayer dollars to pay Trump’s legal fees

Claiming that Florida is in “the best fiscal health we’ve ever been,” the state's Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, proposed using part of the state’s budget to defend candidates like Donald Trump from prosecution.