100 Best Beach Towns In The US
100 best beach towns in the US

Summer vacation has begun across the U.S., and if Memorial Day is any indication, travelers should expect a busy summer season in 2023. Stacker crunched the numbers to find the best beach towns in the U.S.

25 States Americans Visit the Most
25 states Americans visit the most

Stacker has ranked the top 25 by the percentage of U.S. adults who have already made a visit. Check the rankings to see if your next destination is among these popular choices, or find your next adventure as you scroll.

100 Best Cities To Raise a Family
100 best cities to raise a family

If you're hunting for the perfect place to lay down roots, be sure to keep reading to discover the 100 most highly rated cities for raising a family.

Buy vs. Rent: A Comparison of Housing Costs in US Cities
Buy vs. Rent: a Comparison of Housing Costs in US Cities

To help renters and potential homeowners identify opportunities where it costs less to buy a home than rent one – or where they're better off renting – SmartAsset examined monthly mortgage and rental costs in nearly 600 cities nationwide.

Where Social Security Benefits Are Highest And Lowest Relative To Local Housing Costs
Where Social Security Benefits Are Highest And Lowest Relative to Local Housing Costs

Social Security plays a critical role in the retirement plans of millions of Americans each year. SmartAsset set out to find where Social Security benefits are highest and lowest when compared with housing expenses.

Wedding Waitlist: How Long It Takes To Save For The Big Day
Wedding Waitlist: How Long it Takes to Save for the Big Day

The average American wedding costs between $10,000 and $28,000. Some couples will spend up to $100,000 for a lavish event – or more. But the cost of a wedding doesn't only depend on the couple and their tastes: It also depends on where you live, and where you intend to get married.

The 21 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors In America
The 21 Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors in America

Ice cream is a beloved treat that's enjoyed by people of all ages, be it families to teens to kids. From classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate to more creative combinations like rocky road and Neapolitan, ice cream aficionados have a plethora of choices, and the sweet treat's popularity continues to soar.