Meet the Immigrant Communities Who Make Florida Unique
Meet the Immigrant Communities Who Make Florida Unique

More than one in five Floridians are immigrants—and they help make the Sunshine State a global melting pot of art, culture, and history.

7 Best Places to See Alligators in Florida

With 1.3 million alligators living throughout the Sunshine State, gator sightings in Florida are as plentiful as salt in the Atlantic. 

Florida Bucket List: 8 Things to Do in the Sunshine State
Florida Bucket List: 8 Must-Do Activities in the Sunshine State

There are some experiences that perfectly capture Florida’s charm--that unique mix of awe-inspiring nature and adrenaline-soaked adventure that encourages locals to stay put and visitors to return in droves. Here are eight activities to add to your bucket list of must-do activities in The Sunshine State.

Experience Florida Like A Local
6 Hidden Gems to Experience Florida Like A Local

If you know where to look, Florida is bursting with hidden gems and under-the-radar attractions where you’ll never be overrun by crowds of tourists. Here are eight hidden gems across the Sunshine State where locals go to avoid the crowds and bask in their favorite features of Florida.

Day Trips from Orlando
8 Fun Day Trips From Orlando

You’ll be back home in time for dinner with these day trip ideas, all less than a two-hour drive from Orlando.

7 Orange Groves You Can Visit in Florida
7 Orange Groves You Can Visit in Florida

Orange groves and the fruit they produce are iconic symbols of Florida’s natural splendor and bustling agricultural industry. Here are seven orange groves and farms that offer guests a wide variety of treats to sample, as well as entertainment and activities for the whole family.

Florida's Best National Parks
Florida’s Best National Parks

From parks to preserves to monuments to memorials, nearly 9 million people have visited Florida’s national parks so far, so see what all the fuss is about with this guide to the eight best national parks in the Sunshine State.