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The Hidden Face of Florida’s Climate Change Crisis

Global warming impacts our communities in ways that many of us don't realize, including the dinner table, housing prices, and even seasonal allergies. Why doesn't the state's Republican leadership take action, and what can you do about it?

As waters get warmer, hurricanes hitting the state get bigger and stronger.
Yes, Climate Change Is Impacting Floridians Right Now

Residents of the Sunshine State are feeling the effects of global warming, and Latinos and Democrats are calling for action.

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Researchers Predict Above Average-Activity for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

With storms becoming larger and more powerful because of global climate change, scientists warn that people need to take the threat seriously.

Miami-Dade’s efforts to raise roads and build stormwater pumps have raised property values.
Climate Change Has ‘Irreversibly’ Impacted Florida’s Environment and Economy

No other state has more to lose over this issue than the state of Florida, according to the president of the Florida Beach and Shore Preservation Association.

Rep Diamond
Rep. Ben Diamond Believes in ‘Common-Sense Policies That Reward Hard Work’

As he runs for Congress in 2022, the Democratic representative from Pinellas County promises to "create an economy that gives every working Floridian a fair shot at the American Dream."

Michele Rayner: Working for ‘the Change Florida Deserves’

The Democrat, who is running for Congress in 2022, is aware of the issues faced by Floricuas, and says she wants to make sure that “there are opportunities for economic advancement."

US Needs to Brace for More Deadly Storms, Experts Say

As climate change worsens, severe conditions that go beyond historical norms are becoming ever more common. President Biden has a $2 trillion plan to combat climate change.