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DeSantis Pushes to Permanently Ban COVID-19 Restrictions in Florida 

Pointing out the more than 84,000 COVID-19 deaths in Florida since the start of the pandemic, House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell opposes what she calls DeSantis’ “dangerous message from the anti-vax establishment.”

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Parents Blame Scarcity of COVID Shots for Kids on Gov. DeSantis

Florida was the only state that declined to preorder the vaccines. It also prohibited county health departments from distributing or administering the shots.

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Florida Is the Only State that Didn’t Preorder Infants’ COVID-19 Vaccines

US regulators authorized the first COVID-19 shots for infants and preschoolers, but Gov. DeSantis decided not to facilitate their distribution, delaying their availability in children's hospitals and other facilities that have relied on state distribution of the shots.

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Florida Judge Rules Against Mask Requirements, While Puerto Rico Brings Back COVID Safety Measures

Masks are no longer mandatory on public transportation nationwide, despite the rise in COVID cases. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico has increased its safety measures to stop the spread of COVID.

The Mask Wars Are ‘On’ Again!

Florida Attorney General and Gov. Ron DeSantis launch their latest pushback against the Biden administration’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Masks and VACU ID Will No Longer Be Required in Puerto Rico

Pierluisi ended the requirement for mask use both outdoors and indoors as the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations decrease on the island.

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DeSantis and Ladapo Recommend Against COVID Vaccine for Healthy Children

The decision goes against the CDC, which has urged parents to get their children vaccinated.