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Author of Book Criticizing “Woke” Culture Can’t Define What It Means

The word weaponized by Gov. DeSantis has been used as a slur by former President Donald Trump and several Trump-backed midterm candidates like Kari Lake. But some conservatives have a hard time explaining it.

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How Afro Latinos Changed the Music World

During Black History Month, what better way to celebrate Afro Latinos, than by honoring some of the artists that continue to carry the torch lit by the early queens and kings of Latin music? 

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‘Queen of Salsa’ Celia Cruz Is the First Afro Latina to Appear on the US Quarter

"La Guarachera de Cuba" helped define the sound of the salsa music we know today, influencing everyone from Gloria Estefan to Ivy Queen and Camila Cabello. Twenty years after her passing, she remains an icon.

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5 Coolest Public Libraries in Florida

Scattered across Florida, they range from the most beautiful, to the most historic. Wouldn't you like to “check” them out? 

Puerto Rican Artists Stun with Powerful Images of Hurricane Maria’s Aftermath
Puerto Rican Artists Stun With Powerful Images of Hurricane María’s Aftermath at Whitney Museum

For the first time in nearly 50 years, Boricua artists are featured in a major US museum with an exhibition that reflects on the devastation and transformation wrought by the 2017 storm.

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5 Top Latino Audiobooks to Escape During the Holidays

With the holidays also come days off to be with family and friends… and, for many, to escape from the doldrums of everyday life. And what better way to escape than with a great story?

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Family Visiting From Puerto Rico for the Holidays? Take Them to These Florida Sights and Landmarks.

From awe-inspiring historical sites to distinctive geological features, Florida’s landmarks are sure to impress the whole family.