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De Santis’ New Law Requires Students to Observe ‘Victims of Communism Day.’ State Democrats See the Irony.

Some are calling out the Republican governor for using many of the same tactics found in dictatorial governments, such as voter suppression, book banning, censorship, and state-mandated political indoctrination.

Florida - Math books - Education
Florida Rejects 54 Math Books Claiming Critical Race Theory 

Florida did not include 54 of the 132 submitted textbooks on the state’s list. This represents a historic rejection of 41% of the books submitted for review.

Florida - Standard Tests - Students
Florida Eliminates Standard Assessments. Teachers Don’t See Much Difference 

Now the state will have a "progress monitoring" system in which students will be given smaller tests, likely in the fall, winter, and spring.

Florida Legislators Want Parents to Help Decide Which Books Are Appropriate for School

Conservative groups in particular have been publicly objecting to books they claim to be inappropriate for school-aged students and have even asked officials to remove certain titles from libraries.

The People Have Spoken: Florida Voters Don’t Support Republicans’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

The numbers showing those who support the legislation and those who oppose it, fall into sharp contrast according to whether respondents were Democrats or Republicans

Florida Democrats to DeSantis: Defunding Schools Over Mask Requirements Is ‘Beyond Belief’

Two gubernatorial contenders warn that children will be the collateral damage of this Republican plan.

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Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Recommended Puerto Rico Use Federal Funds to Increase Teacher Salaries

Cardona, who is of Puerto Rican origin, said teachers should be treated with "respect and dignity."