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Where Veterans Can Find Mental Health Services and Other Benefits

Explore the services available for Veterans and their families, including assistance for mental health issues, vocational rehabilitation and employment, dependents' educational assistance, and survivor benefits.

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¿Has pensado volver a la Isla? El productor Edwin Ocasio lo hizo por estas razones.

Después de tener éxito con su compañía teatral en Florida Central, el productor sentía que faltaba algo y ahora está de vuelta en la Isla.

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Democrat Kathy Castor Urges DeSantis to Protect Medicaid Health Insurance for Children and Families

In states like Florida, where Republican leaders continue to reject Medicaid expansion, this could disproportionately affect Black and Latino people.

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What Florida Has Gotten Out Of Biden’s Infrastructure Law (So Far)

In Florida, at least 175 infrastructure projects have been announced so far, and more are in the works. Here’s a look at the work that’s being done in the Sunshine State and how it helps Floridians. 

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Meet the Boricua Luchadoras Who Fight for Our Communities

To commemorate International Women's Day this year, we celebrate three outstanding Floricua women who continue to inspire us all.

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Majority of Puerto Ricans in Florida Did Not Vote for DeSantis, Data Shows

The analysis included data from Orange and Osceola counties, focusing primarily on the 50 precincts with the highest Puerto Rican voter density.

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Alex Berrios to Run for Florida Democratic Chair

The organizer said his on-the-ground experience would deliver important change to the state’s political party. He thinks Latinos in Florida are tired of seeing candidates that don't look or sound like them.