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Florida Doctors Can Now Deny Care Based on Personal Beliefs. Here’s What One Doctor Has to Say.

Signed into law by Gov. DeSantis, the bill allows state health care providers to refuse services based on their moral, ethical or religious beliefs. Critics are calling it a “License to Discriminate.”

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3 Women’s Health Briefs for Friday, May 19

Stay informed and empowered with the latest women's health updates. From your mental health to your physical well-being, these health briefs are essential.

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Florida Roads Could Include Radioactive Waste Material If GOP-Backed Bill Becomes Law

The toxic phosphate waste contains radium-226, which decays to form radon, a cancer-causing, radioactive gas. Conservation groups are urging Gov. DeSantis to veto the bill.

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Democrat Kathy Castor Urges DeSantis to Protect Medicaid Health Insurance for Children and Families

In states like Florida, where Republican leaders continue to reject Medicaid expansion, this could disproportionately affect Black and Latino people.

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Mental Health Conditions Are Affecting Women at an Alarming Rate, Study Finds

The American Psychological Association revealed that 62% of women aged 18 to 34 say they are completely overwhelmed by stress most days.

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DeSantis Administration to Pharmacies: Do Not Fill Prescriptions for Abortion Pills

The alert warned that willfully violating the abortion laws could result in criminal penalties. "It’s another example of DeSantis weaponizing every state agency to pursue his political agenda," says Rep. Anna V. Eskamani.

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DeSantis Pushes to Permanently Ban COVID-19 Restrictions in Florida 

Pointing out the more than 84,000 COVID-19 deaths in Florida since the start of the pandemic, House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell opposes what she calls DeSantis’ “dangerous message from the anti-vax establishment.”