Cabello - Rizo - Puerto Rico
Salones de belleza dedicados a rizos y el orgullo por la identidad van en aumento en Puerto Rico

Desde hace unos nueve años se ha ido dando un cambio de conciencia gradual, que trasciende lo estético para conectar con las raíces.

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Democrat Kathy Castor Urges DeSantis to Protect Medicaid Health Insurance for Children and Families

In states like Florida, where Republican leaders continue to reject Medicaid expansion, this could disproportionately affect Black and Latino people.

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‘Worse Than Trump’: Rep. Maxwell Frost Speaks Out About Ron DeSantis in a One-on-One Interview

At the start of Florida’s Legislative session, Florida's outspoken Generation Z representative talks about the governor's abuse of power and why he will continue calling DeSantis "a fascist."

Florida - Latino - Population
Hialeah Has the Highest Concentration of Latinos in the US

Census projections say that in 2030, the US population is projected to grow slowly and become more racially and ethnically diverse. 

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How Afro Latinos Changed the Music World

During Black History Month, what better way to celebrate Afro Latinos, than by honoring some of the artists that continue to carry the torch lit by the early queens and kings of Latin music? 

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Family Visiting From Puerto Rico for the Holidays? Take Them to These Florida Sights and Landmarks.

From awe-inspiring historical sites to distinctive geological features, Florida’s landmarks are sure to impress the whole family.

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7 New Bilingual Children’s Books to Celebrate Navidad and the Holiday Season

These newly released, beautifully illustrated books in Spanish and English will delight kids and give parents, abuelos y tíos the opportunity to share inspiring fun stories with los pequeños.