Puerto Rico - coquí - global warming
How Global Warming Is Threatening Puerto Rico’s Beloved Coquí Frogs

The scientist said that if the trend continues, the heat could become too much for the sensitive amphibians to survive successfully.

Puerto Rico - English - Pierluisi
Puerto Rico Governor Doubts English Will Become Official Language if Statehood Is Granted

If English were to become the official language, it would be used in government, schools, and courts.

Sports - Education - Local
12 ​​Best High Schools for Sports in Florida

More than 7.6 million US high school students played sports during the last academic year, and schools in the Sunshine State offer some of the best athletic programs in the nation.

Edwin - Ocasio - Puerto Rico
¿Has pensado volver a la Isla? El productor Edwin Ocasio lo hizo por estas razones.

Después de tener éxito con su compañía teatral en Florida Central, el productor sentía que faltaba algo y ahora está de vuelta en la Isla.

Image via Getty Images/Joe Raedle
Why Can’t Florida Fix Its Housing Crisis? The GOP Legislature Won’t Use This Program.

Democratic House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell breaks down why more Floridians are finding it hard to pay rent. Efforts to fix the problem are not enough. 

Image TIM SLOAN/AFP via Getty Images
5 Republican-Backed Bills that You Need to Watch

In the onslaught of bills that many call “dangerous,” some proposed legislation may have flown under the radar, but if passed, these laws will have an impact on Floridians.

Soto - Antisemitic - Florida
‘Stop the Spread of Hate’: Rep. Darren Soto Wants Investigation Into Antisemitic Group in Florida

The Democratic congressman is asking for an investigation into “potential civil rights and criminal violations” by an antisemitic group.